Club Awards

Every season, the Busselton Triathlon Club honors both a male and female triathlete with the prestigious 'Triathlete of the Year' award. Excitingly, for this upcoming season, we are proud to introduce a fresh accolade known as the 'Club Champion' award. 

Triathlete of the Year

The "Triathlete of the Year" award stands as a tribute to the remarkable individual within our triathlon community who embodies the essence of dedication and community spirit. 

This award recognises the triathlete who goes above and beyond, selflessly contributing both as a competitor and a volunteer. They represent the Busselton Triathlon Club competing in TWA sanctioned events,  but also extend their involvement beyond the race course to uplift the entire triathlon community. 

Their presence, both on and off the field, exemplifies the core values of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and service, setting a standard for all.

Female 'Triathlete of the Year' recipients

2022 - Hayley Milentis

2021 - Trish Vickery

2020 - Trish Vickery

2019 - Trish Vickery

2018 - Trish Vickery

2017 - Katie Greenfield

Male 'Triathlete of the Year' recipients

2022 - Trent Collins

2021 - Ben Freer

2020 - Jarryd Heldt

2019 - Mick Bray

2018 - Louis Bray

2017 - Louis Bray

Club Champion 

The Club Champion title is an esteemed recognition that embodies the spirit of our community. Rooted in a unique system exclusive to our club, members have the opportunity to accumulate points through both racing and volunteering at our club races. 

We will have separate Female and Male Club Champions for both the short and long courses. It's important to note that you can only achieve the title of either a short course champion or a long course champion; winning both simultaneously is not possible.

To be eligible for points and contention for the championship title, you must hold an active membership with the Busselton Triathlon Club and have volunteered at a club event. Points will not be granted for previous race performances as a non-member.

At the conclusion of the season, the tally for each participant will be determined by their best 6 results.

Points System